The Workwell House

At Workwell, we care deeply about creating a great work environment for our clients, but also for us. This is why we chose a house with a garden in the 17th district of Paris as the place where we work, share and learn. We all eat together for lunch, we pick where in the house we want to work, we do yoga together and each of us goes for a run or a swim whenever we want! In the house, we use the Workwell app several times a day to make our lives easier. And we love to test the new features!

Providing every employee with a front door key proved to be very challenging, let alone providing guests with access without having to run to the front door. This is why we partnered with WelcomR to develop a service where we would be able to open the front door directly through the Workwell app.

This allows all employees to easily gain access to the Workwell house, and this also allows us to provide a temporary guest access to all friends of Workwell! 

The majority of the Workwell team is based in Paris, but we also have colleagues in New York, London, Sydney or the French cities Rennes and Le Perche.

Wherever they are, team members can use the Workwell app to access services available locally and stay in touch with the team globally.


At Workwell we love to celebrate, eat and work out together. To schedule these outings we always use the event creation function of the app: this way we know when and where the event will take place, and who will attend.

When we register to an event, it is automatically added to our Google calendar so we don't forget about it.


The poll function of the app is one of our favorites, we use it to organise our life in the office ("what is the ideal temperature?", "Do you want theater acting classes in the office?") or outside the office ("when should we schedule the next team dinner?", "where to go for the after-work drinks?" ).

Company newspermalink

Any good news is worth sharing! Events, new joiners, birthdays, new contracts, everything is announced on our newsfeed.


Every day we order our lunch directly through this third-party food delivery service that has been integrated into the Workwell app.

Whenever we encounter a hardware or any material issue (e.g. a broken lamp): we take a picture through the Workwell app, briefly describe the issue and thanks to our admin panel it is escalated to the right person.

With Wast service we can get our laundry collected and delivered to the doorstep of the house.

Bedrooms are available in the Workwell House for colleagues and friends visiting from outside Paris. We use the meeting room booking system to organise the schedule of these rooms and ensure that everyone has a place to stay.

Of course, we use it to book our meeting rooms too.


The chat embedded in the app is a great tool to interact with our colleagues.

Since very recently we have the option to create group chats, this is very useful for our Monday morning yoga class: if we need to reschedule it, we can create a poll directly in the group to find the best slot.


The company handbook gathers all the key information about the company culture, policies, and procedures.

From details about expenses or health coverage to instructions about how to use the printer, everything can be found here.


Through the directory function we can find people with whom we share common hobbies or interests. We can then easily contact them through the chat.

We also developed the shake functionality: just shake your phone and you will find people from your office interested in connecting with you.