Grand Paris Aménagement and Workwell

Learn how Grand Paris Aménagement is partnering with Workwell to think the digital layer of their development projects.

Grand Paris Amenagement is the leading development project for the greater Paris region, and Workwell has signed a strategic partnership to be the mobile app allowing them to offer a fully integrated digital platform to the new businesses and neighbouring residents. 

Digitalisation is not only limited to office buildings anymore, as we increasingly go towards a mobile world. Mobile technology will change the way we approach our day to day lives, and GPA has rightly identified this need as an extremely valuable asset in their future developments. Workwell will be deployed at a large scale across the whole precinct, catering to businesses but also residential buildings. 

GPA needed a tool which would allow businesses to be able to interact with the end users quickly and efficiently, and welcome residents to the community. Workwell is exactly the answer they were looking for, combining a strong sense of business knowledge with an incredible social platform. 

The partnership with GPA will promote local businesses, provide floor plans for easy accessibility to the neighbourhood, showcase local restaurants deals and sporting events, promote carpooling and allow greater interaction to your local community. 

We are excited to be able to bring to life this great precinct, and promote a strong interaction between the workplace and the community. This is exactly the mission that Workwell undertakes in all of its partnerships, and GPA is a great example of the future of neighbourhoods. 

The partnership will start with two projects in 2019:

  • Aerolians, a 850 000m2 business district near Paris Charle de Gaulle airport with 10 000 employees

  • Parc de Maison Blanche à Neuilly-sur-Marne, a mixed-use neighborhood developed with CDU with 4200 accommodations.

GPA and Workwell are excited to bring to life this incredible project for the Parisian region.