Fore Partnership and Workwell

Fore Partnerships is a purpose-driven real estate investment firm active in the UK and Western Europe.

Fore Partnership is a purpose driven real estate investor, and their goal was to find a mobile platform where they would be able to showcase the amenities of their buildings while fostering a social community within their space.

Workwell is the perfect platform that meets the needs of Fore exactly, and our first roll out with Fore Partnership is their beautiful building in Manchester, Windmill Green. 

This building isn’t your traditional office block, but rather a workspace where a sense of community is highly prioritised.  Direct communication is tremendously valued between the Community Manager and the tenants, in order to increase the sense of wellbeing and interactions between the users. 

Fore Partnership’s goal was to showcase the particularities which truly make Windmill Green stand out from other office spaces, including a direct access to users for all communications, be it from the front desk all the way to onboarding procedures. 

Community is highly valued, and a clear goal for Windmill Green. Beehives have been installed on the rooftop, and classes will educate users on the importance of beekeeping for our world. How will the users be able to follow this? Directly through Workwell, of course! 

Fore Partnership and Workwell recognise that the day to day worklife must be   as enjoyable as possible and that wellbeing is a fundamental right for every employee. This is the Workwell mission in every one of its partnerships and we are excited to be able to align our goals with such a valuable partner.