Aviva Investors and Workwell

Aviva Investors is collaborating with Workwell on several real estate projects, for prospective purposes and existant tenants.

Aviva Investors and Workwell developed a partnership to be able to showcase the future of the Aviva Investors portfolio. 

Workwell is an integral part of the Aviva marketing suites, which give prospective clients the chance to truly appreciate what an Aviva building will be able to offer. Through the mobile platform, clients are able to see mockups of the building, its future services and the atmosphere. 

Workwell offers them a chance to see what room control will look like, and be able to change the lighting and temperature directly from the app. Not only that, but they can get a first hand experience as to what the employee benefits will be, such as meeting room booking, fitness and wellness class bookings, food ordering and more. 

Workwell has become an integral part of the Aviva Investors marketing suite and a true testament to what the future of buildings looks like.