Say Hi to the New Workwell

Because the only thing that truly matters is user experience, today we are introducing the biggest update since Workwell was launched.

The backstorypermalink

At Workwell, we first focused on responding to our direct clients' demands. Our clients are real estate companies and large corporations who want an app for their buildings and employees. So we built an app that listed each and every service that was made available to tenants and employees in their space.

Turns out we should have focused more on creating the best experience for end-users, even if that meant saying no to some clients and losing deals. Because the person who buys software ultimately will become an end-user as well, and will ultimately end up selecting the best user experience anyway!

Luckily, we still had time to go back to our roots. We deeply analyzed what Workwell is about. Are we a building app? A corporate HQ app? No, we’re more than that. Workwell is about communities. For your company. For your building. For your coworking space. For your neighborhood. For everywhere and everyone.

Workwell brings people together to create communities and gives them access to contextual services through one single interface. Workwell can be used to share tips, find a running mate, organize a team event, book a meeting room, invite a guest for lunch. These are just a few examples of what it means to be part of a Workwell community.

At Workwell, our mission is to make people happier and more connected with each other, building communities one place at a time. Users will only be engaged by a stellar user experience. This is why we've entirely redesigned the Workwell experience with today's new version launch, with a cleaner, more intuitive user interface. No more long lists of services on your home screen; we've replaced it with Actions instead. For example, in one click, you can view everything that can be booked in your environment, whether it's a meeting room, a yoga class or a parking spot.

More featurespermalink


Workwell now enables users to meet other people from their community in a click. Or a shake. Find people who also like football or are interested in photography and connect with them. Create groups for team projects and shared interests.


A new Inbox, allowing services to communicate directly with you. You'll get a peek at what's been happening in your community straight from the Inbox, from the latest events to the bike that was just posted for sale on the Bulletin Board.


Workwell is bringing you a bundle of services that means that you can get started immediately, without needing to integrate external services. Yoga classes, canteen menu, room bookings, emergency procedures, servicing requests, to name a few of the Workwell Base Services. No extra apps to download, no new accounts to set up.

Admin panelpermalink

We'll soon be introducing a new admin panel that will let administrators manage your Workwell environment from start to finish. Define your users, set their access rights, add or create services, post content, etc. All from one single, straightforward tool.



Workwell is an open platform at its core and we've improved our SDK so that anyone can come and build onto our platform. There is no limit on what can be created for Workwell users.

We've been hard at work with the ecosystem to bring a better experience to the Workwell community. We've also paved the way for our partners to only have to integrate once in order to reach the full Workwell audience. This means that as a Workwell partner, you'll be able to add Mapwize maps, Condeco meeting rooms, STiD badges or Building Engines servicing requests, and over 200 other service partners to your Workwell environment, in a single click.


Workwell not only improves the experience for one environment, but for an unlimited number of environments. The app updates itself based on where you are, meaning that you can have one single app for all of your sites — your company's different offices, your neighbourhood or even your home.


Workwell is a product, a platform and also a brand. No clunky custom apps with a different name every time. Buildings, companies and neighbourhoods can be "Workwell ready" and are all accessible from the same Workwell app, following standards that you can trust. And Apple will be happy about that, since duplicating a base app is actually against the App Store's rules. Look at what just happened to Google and Facebook having their developer certificates revoked — you definitely want to avoid that.

Last but not least, we felt that Workwell should quickly become a standard and be positioned as the digital infrastructure for buildings. To make this as easy as possible, Workwell will now be free of charge for real estate companies deployed to their entire portfolio.

Who's inpermalink

And when you're creating a Workwell community, you’re in good company: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, Hines, Mirvac, Grand Paris Aménagement, and Aviva Investors are some of our real estate partners. American Express, L'Oréal, BNP Paribas, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Saint-Gobain are some of our corporate users.

Get startedpermalink

Thank you to our extremely dedicated team that has worked relentlessly. We’re very proud of what we have built, even if this is just the beginning. Contact us to join the movement!