A Workwell app is a webservice that gets activated in a Workwell environment, such as a company or a building. Once loaded, it can serve content and interact with users of that environment in various ways. You may think of it as a webserver, but instead of serving HTML pages, it serves components that get rendered natively within Workwell. Each request to the webservice comes with a payload which allows the app developer to access

In addition to serving page content, apps can interact with other parts of the Workwell platform, such as:

  • Send messages to users and groups using web APIs
  • Create events, groups, polls and other content to share
  • Interact with phone sensors such as BLE or geolocation
  • Expose content to be used by other apps

In this guide, we will create a simple app that loads a user's name and profile picture, and displays a list of nearby restaurants as provided by the Google Places API.

Head over to the Developer Dashboard. Once signed in, create an app.

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import express from 'express'
import { fetchRestaurants, fetchMenu } from './elior-api'
import { restaurantListTemplate, menuTemplate } from './templates'
import { buildModel } from './builder'

const app = express();

app.get('/', async (req, res, next) => {
  try {
    const siteId = req.query.site_id
    const config = req.query.env_config
    const restaurants = await fetchRestaurants(config, siteId)
    const viewModel = buildModel(restaurants, restaurantListTemplate)
  } catch (e) {

app.get('/restaurant/:id/menu', async (req, res, next) => {
    try {
      const menu = await fetchMenu(
      const viewModel = buildModel(menu, menuTemplate)
    } catch (e) {



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YoloWhat platforms are supported?

The Workwell app is available for Android and iOS.

The Workwell Admin Panel is a browser-based web application and runs on most modern browsers.

YoloDo you allow site-specific configurations?

Yes. Workwell allows you to specify all of your organisation's sites, and activate users and services on each of themany user group, like a site, a department, a custom

YoloWhat languages are supported?

Currently, we support English, French, Japanese and German.

YoloCan I bulk import users?

Yes. In the Admin Console, head over to the User Management tab, and click "Bulk Import". This will allow you to upload a list of users in CSV format.