How Workwell Is Turning Real Estate Clients into Partners

Since we started Workwell, we've seen a huge shift in the way real estate companies consider so-called "building apps". Initially, the landscape was that a few players wanted an app for some of their prime buildings, and they could choose between agency built-custom apps and a few startups providing off-the-shelf solutions. However, the space is getting hotter and hotter, and most of the big real estate companies around the world have issued RFPs or started equipping pilot buildings with an app.

Real estate companies are taking the essential steps towards shaping their future. Their offering is transforming from assets into experiences, from buildings into communities. They continue to offer more and more services to tenants - and the more they offer services, the more they will need a great digital tool for tenants to engage with them.

In the real estate industry, the pilots of tenant engagement apps have been markedly disappointing: testing for a few months on a couple sites to see how tenants respond to the app. Most of these pilots have led to limited commitment from landlords, poor integration of third-party services, and -let's say it- a thoroughly underwhelming take-up by tenants. They have been expensive, time-consuming, and have certainly not led to a clear path towards the future of real estate.

This is simply not good enough. Not for real estate companies, not for us, not for service providers, and certainly not for tenants. It is time to change the mindset.

It is during portfolio-wide deployments that we were able to see what true alignment looked like, what a scalable solution looks like - and we now want to share it with the whole industry. At Workwell, we have always set the bar higher - now is no exception.

So where do we go from here? Towards one global industry standard.

  • One solution across the commercial real estate sector, deployed to thousands of buildings.
  • One platform for service providers to perform deep, high-quality integrations.
  • One app that can deploy updates in real time over an entire portfolio.

And hey, why not make it FREE while we’re at it?

Yes - we’re serious. Workwell is stepping up to the plate. Gone are the days of real estate as our client - we want to be their partner.

Workwell’s platform is already launched and deployed. Our tech is second-to-none, with our engineers coming from Apple, Deezer, Dashlane, etc. Our security is the level enterprise tenants require (trust us - that's a big hurdle!). Our platform keeps evolving to incorporate the latest and greatest technology. Our teams are swiftly evolving our platform to incorporate client feedback - just take a look at the v2 we just released. There’s a reason why major players in the industry are choosing Workwell. :)

We are now offering our real estate partners to easily create their own customised Workwell environments for each building’s community. This lean and streamlined implementation will be done straight from our Admin Panel. Real estate teams will be able to manage their entire Workwell environment autonomously from us (but don’t worry - we still provide support for those need it).

Workwell will provide partners with the platform free of charge - a robust, end-to-end encrypted app, with a delightful user interface and monthly tech updates. We also give access to pick and choose from “Made by Workwell” services bundle (Events, Newsfeed, Servicing Requests, etc.). Buildings will also be able to communicate in real time to tenants through the platform. The app truly will be ready for use by tenants from Day 1!

But we get that real estate companies want to include their external providers’ services, too. We share that vision of creating one tight, seamless integration across all solutions. No problem - we make our SDK available to all our real estate partners, so that everyone is able to integrate any partner of their choice. Since we were an open platform from inception, Workwell was built with the flexibility to welcome third-party services. As an industry standard able to reach significant tenant populations, services are excited to integrate and access this major market.

And as always, if a partner has already been integrated to Workwell, no extra work is needed to use their service -- just activate and go. All of our strategic existing service integrations such as TransitScreen and Mapwize are immediately available to new partners.

Each of the buildings Workwell is deployed on will be able to showcase their individual offerings, will be able to communicate seamlessly with the whole building population, and will be able to capture the activity happening within the building.

Very simply, we want to be able to create the best possible experience for tenants. We want to establish a true digital community within buildings, and to create communication channels between our partners and occupants. We want to be able to gather feedback and data from users, while being very mindful of their privacy, to be able to curate analytics to advise our partners on how to build even greater places to work. We include not only landlords and tenants, but also retailers around buildings to facilitate transactions.

Portfolios, not pilots: We've seen that pilots are an awful measure of the effectiveness of a solution. Tenants won’t engage with a tool they know is going to disappear, and service providers aren’t interested in putting in the integration work to be made available for a matter of months. Therefore, Workwell signs partnerships, not pilots. We encourage long-term use to not rush conclusions and buy yourself the time to do things well. And we believe offering Workwell free of charge, liberating real estate companies of budget constraints, is the ultimate incentive to prove our point.

Last but not least: we are used to working with major corporations. They don’t want their employees to be using multiple apps, or a disparate set of services; they want one holistic platform for the workplace experience, one holistic building experience. And Workwell was built for that: it is not just a building app, it’s the platform for real estate and enterprise to finally come together.

So let’s ease the work life for tenants around the world, hand-in-hand. One ultimate digital experience for real estate portfolios. One single portfolio-wide app for tenants to fully appreciate everything that buildings have to offer.